The production base of NVK Techimpex LLC was has expirinced seizer by the force attempt

Since August 6, 2020, the production facilities of “SPC “Techimpex” Ltd, has expirienced a seisure by the force attempt.

Techimpex rents a farm, on the territory of which during this time a modern private production with all the necessary infrastructure and equipment for repair, manufacture and modernization of machinery has been built.

As it became known, Yevhen Vashchylin, who until July 2020 was a co-owner of “SPC “Techimpex” Ltd., was involved in these illegal actions.

In connection with the obstruction of lawful economic activity, in order to protect its violated rights and bring the perpetrators to justice, the “Techimpex” has filed a complaint with the National Police about the act of a criminal offense. The Main Directorate of the National Police of the Kyiv Region has launched a pre-trial investigation, which has been entered into the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations on the grounds of committing criminal offenses under Art. 162. Violation of the inviolability of property and Art. 206. Opposition to the lawful economic activity of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and recognized Techimpex as a victim in this criminal proceeding.

Earlier, in June 2019, “SPC “Techimpex” Ltd. has sent Eugene Vashchilin to Poland to settle relations with companies with which the company has concluded contracts for the supply of goods. Throughout his stay in Poland (until the end of 2019), Eugene Vashilin received advances for business trips and salaries, without performing official duties and assignments. In this connection, the Solomyansky court of Kyiv is hearing the case № 760/15619/20 on the claim of “SPC “Techimpex” Ltd. to Vashchilin E.V.

During a business trip, Mr. Eugene was detained in Poland by Interpol police at the request of the Russian Federation. As a basis, the Russian National Bureau of Interpol then referred to the decision of the Belgorod District Court of the Belgorod Region of the Russian Federation of November 29, 2018 on the application of temporary arrest for 2 months in a criminal case opened in early 2010. At the same time, he managed to avoid extradition to Russia in order to be prosecuted, as well as to remove information about himself from the lists of wanted persons of Interpol. This allowed Yevhen Vashchylin to return to Ukraine in July 2020.

From the end of 2019, Vashchilin E.V. began activities aimed at obstructing the legal work of “SPC “Techimpex” Ltd. and destroying its image and business reputation. This situation gives every reason to believe that the actions of Vashchilin E.V. caused by the pressure exerted on him by the special services of the Russian Federation.

“Since 2014, when Ukraine was subjected to military aggression by the Russian Federation and the anti-terrorist operation began in the East, our company has been actively involved in ensuring Ukraine’s defense capabilities and national security by fulfilling the State Defense Order. Our clear political position on overcoming Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine has led to repeated attacks on Techimpex by Russian intelligence services in the form of defamatory media reports and fabricated accusations.

We understand the gravity of the situation of Vashchilin E.V., who could not return home for almost a year. At the same time, we strive to protect our work for the benefit of the state and fulfill all our obligations, ”said Volodymyr Kalyna, General Director of NVK Techimpex.

During the activity of the “SPC “Techimpex” Ltd. there were several changes in the composition of its founders, which took place in accordance with applicable law and with the consent of the Parties. Currently, the ultimate beneficial owners of “SPC “Techimpex” Ltd are Igor Terekhov and Yuriy Kravchenko, who became members of the Company in 2011, with the consent of Vashchilin E.V. Regardless of the owners, the company will continue to operate and fulfill its obligations and service to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, the State Border Guard Service and others. “SPC “Techimpex” Ltd. fulfills its financial and other obligations to partners and colleagues. “