Help the Ukrainian army to repair
military equipment

Help the Ukrainian army to repair military equipment

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We restore broken tanks and send them to the Armed Forces in 3 weeks. It is 5 times cheaper to repair tanks than to build a new one. As a result, we will have modernized equipment for our Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Repair work


Installation of a combat module


Replacement of gasoline engines


New electrical equipment


Total area of production premises (m2)


Patented models of equipment


Armored vehicles restored and modernized

Who are we?

We are the Ukrainian company TechImpex, we have been working with the Armed Forces of Ukraine since 2003 and provide the Ukrainian army with military equipment. We have equipment that we are ready to repair, improve and deliver in the combat zone. We need financial help to conduct repair works and purchase spare parts.

We work through the charity organization Left Bank. Each repaired tank brings us closer to victory.

Glory to Ukraine!